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Mirror/Glass | Tempered/Laminated Sandblasting | Precision Water Jet | Safety Backing | Custom V-Grooving | Bevelling | Antique Mirror | Accessories Edgework


D&W Inc utilizes a combination of precision lasers and state of the art ITGS 1800 Sandblasting Machine to create any design!

Send us a .dxf file or let us help you design your newest product!

Now offering sandblasted mirror and glass to customers for backlit mirrors and much much more!  D&W can laser etch logos and designs and cut designs less than 1 mm in width.

D&W's state of the art Sandblaster utilizes a PLC computer made by SIEMENS to control its X&Y movements and sandblast density. The process creates perfect edges and corners for a flawless finished product.

  • Maximum glass working height: 1800mm
  • Minimum Glass Size: 200mm x200 mm
  • Glass thickness: 2-50mm
  • Number of Auto Guns: 3
  • Number of Manual Gun: 1
  • Lead time TBD

  The sandblaster comes with a closed filtration system to reduce waste and an inline washer to ensure the highest quality finished product!  D&W's rapid prototype systems and ability to handle low volumes make buying domestic the best choice for all of your decorative mirror needs.